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I am a typical blonde however I do love to write and cough up my creativity onto lined paper as a story, in the future I would like to be either a journalist or author, but hey who knows. But it is a vision I am fiercely chasing, for the moment this blog is a mix of a 16/17 year olds life- fashion, music,and other nonsense. Likeable things :) Records, Ticking clocks, nerdy things, torchwood, West Ends, Potter, and Converse, music, pendants, summer dresses and hair bows, blonde hair in a messy bun, art, guitar, LUSH, topshop,Fern, jack wills, Bath the city, tea with sugar please, exercise, SWIMMING is a passion, reading, candles, watermelon, ipod, perfumes, nina ricci, the wolfpack, AlexKatieTheaRoisinRhiannon, & humming along to unknown tunes.

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Well yes I do happen to know the moustaches of the world..

Ignore the face, got this awesome clip which is like Indian-y ;) I LOVE IT! £2.00

£15 from Topshop as well- this is probably my favourite t shirt I own now... 

Friday, 27 April 2012

You know I might just have found my motivation to blog again :)
This week the nominations for head student happened and now we have to write a letter and all that, and on how nerdy it sounds, I'm actually enjoying it..  I genuinely don't mind whether I get through because most of my friends are doing it as well so we're all pretty relaxed about it.
Also got my work experience placemeeeent, wooo at a media company who do a variety of advertising which I was genuinely interested in :) That's in July though so not for a while yet.
Meh exams too..
Oh my laptop had a near death experience earlier on, wasn't my fault, it just suddenly freaked out and I was saying 'Chill the fuck out dude' but no it went into.. like a fit and died.. again.
Would you like to see how I looked when this all happened?

(I was trying to record a video at the time), here are the stills hahaha.
So yeah was showing this bow thing I found...

then BAM laptop goes ape..

this was my state until it revived 40 minutes later.

Conclusion? I should probably try and fix the poor two year old thing.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A summer of writing

Top three childhood shows: Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Lizzie Mcguire and Even Stevens ;)

Top five things that you want: uuum, an iPad, good grades and more appreciation for what I have I guess.

What was the most embarrassing thing you have done with friends: Got into somebody else's car instead of my friends, awkward whale.

Meh couldn't be bothered to do the rest, and I know I've got two German essays waiting on my desk for me, woo... 

My lifes not really exciting right now- it's the regular teenage drama's.
Did you know an adult bus ticket is £3.80?
 I was pretty shocked, and what confuses me is that I'm not an adult yet officially. I'm 18 in five months so.. why do I have to pay adult ticket?

That's another post for another time. 

Once exams are over I will stop constantly blogging about them and do more interesting posts. I really want to start writing again too.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

a blog about how depressing my room looks right now.

Only realized a month today I have my first exam, sooo I figured that it was time to stop procrastinating in putting work up.
The Revision Wall

And I'm not even done yet... THAT is just history.