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I am a typical blonde however I do love to write and cough up my creativity onto lined paper as a story, in the future I would like to be either a journalist or author, but hey who knows. But it is a vision I am fiercely chasing, for the moment this blog is a mix of a 16/17 year olds life- fashion, music,and other nonsense. Likeable things :) Records, Ticking clocks, nerdy things, torchwood, West Ends, Potter, and Converse, music, pendants, summer dresses and hair bows, blonde hair in a messy bun, art, guitar, LUSH, topshop,Fern, jack wills, Bath the city, tea with sugar please, exercise, SWIMMING is a passion, reading, candles, watermelon, ipod, perfumes, nina ricci, the wolfpack, AlexKatieTheaRoisinRhiannon, & humming along to unknown tunes.

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Friday, 29 June 2012

So I haven't wrote in a while because this is a pretty small blog and I doubt anyone would notice, but clearly someone did ;)
Anyway in my aim to get fitter I have recently been swimming in lakes and signed up to do a lot of triathlons in September/ October which will be cool :)
I'm also aware and counting down that I have two months of being 17 left, then I am the massive 18 which is quite scary.. I am actually begging my parents for a new camera and driving lessons, mainly the camera though!
I recently began the Open day visits to Uni's and after going to Plymouth a couple of days ago the standard is high now.
I will definitely have a lot to blog about next week as I have work experience waaaaaah, which I am quite nervous about and you know what is even better?..


There is absolutely no sarcasm there....

Also if anyone knows how to work Ebay... I have things I want to sell like my camera buuut.. not to sure how to work it.

This was a bit of a tedious post sorry (Luke) but hey I will have LOOOAAADS to blog about in the next week ;)


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hello Luke and Ben

So recently I have been told to update my blog which I have to admit is really crucial.. My next post will be what I have been up to which is quite a lot, including swimming in stupid degrees lakes ;) So yes now I know someone who reads it (ahem Luke) I guess I should be doing it more regularly. Starting on Friday :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

From book to film, secret to surprise

First of all, after analyzing this book to every singular word in English Lit last month, it is natural that I am hardly containing my excitement for this film!

ALSO, now that exams are over and the summer holiday comes closer, I think I need something productive to do. So I have decided to start writing again, I don't really tell a lot of people that I want to write books as most just think it is a fantasy- an unrealistic dream. But Veronica Roth author of Divergent is successful ( with a trilogy, a film being announced, huge worldwide selling of her books), and she is only 22..
She started writing the book at 14, and I don't want to set myself a target, but by starting to write now it will be easier to shape to perfection because I am still young and have been craving for her success since I was probably 8 or 9.
It is strange, it feels like I shouldn't tell you I want to write as a serious career I know I talk about it if you know me, but I have never shared my stories with anyone not even my parents.
I have a proper plot for a book.. it is only the beginning and I do need to take it seriously.
Whatever I do in the future whether it be taking the plunge into journalism, or joining the RNLI I think that writing will always be something I will chase, I would give anything to have the success that some authors have :')