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I am a typical blonde however I do love to write and cough up my creativity onto lined paper as a story, in the future I would like to be either a journalist or author, but hey who knows. But it is a vision I am fiercely chasing, for the moment this blog is a mix of a 16/17 year olds life- fashion, music,and other nonsense. Likeable things :) Records, Ticking clocks, nerdy things, torchwood, West Ends, Potter, and Converse, music, pendants, summer dresses and hair bows, blonde hair in a messy bun, art, guitar, LUSH, topshop,Fern, jack wills, Bath the city, tea with sugar please, exercise, SWIMMING is a passion, reading, candles, watermelon, ipod, perfumes, nina ricci, the wolfpack, AlexKatieTheaRoisinRhiannon, & humming along to unknown tunes.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

a moment of calm

Ok so it is absolutely beautiful outside and right now I'm chilling on my cushion filled bed with the birds singing outside- perfect.
Although I'm trying to forget the nine hour shift tomorrow, and the gala tonight..
ah well ;)
I been lisstening to these songs, if you want something to relax to on these 'doing absolutely nothing' days because it is so nice ;) I love these lads
Ron Pope- A Drop In The Ocean
Ron Pope- Fireflies
Rocket To The Moon- On Your Side

Alan Pownall - Chasing Time

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Well I really have been blog neglecting lately haven't I?
But to be honest there hasn't been much to say and I suppose I could of done a post on the New iPad but I think I might just ramble becasue it was so exciting. I might do a review on it though, either next week or the week after depending on when I get it :)
I might also along with that blog about the Hunger Games film,once I have seen it two days in a row ;)
But it's been busy/ stressful/ emotional lately.
Ah well life goes on :)