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I am a typical blonde however I do love to write and cough up my creativity onto lined paper as a story, in the future I would like to be either a journalist or author, but hey who knows. But it is a vision I am fiercely chasing, for the moment this blog is a mix of a 16/17 year olds life- fashion, music,and other nonsense. Likeable things :) Records, Ticking clocks, nerdy things, torchwood, West Ends, Potter, and Converse, music, pendants, summer dresses and hair bows, blonde hair in a messy bun, art, guitar, LUSH, topshop,Fern, jack wills, Bath the city, tea with sugar please, exercise, SWIMMING is a passion, reading, candles, watermelon, ipod, perfumes, nina ricci, the wolfpack, AlexKatieTheaRoisinRhiannon, & humming along to unknown tunes.

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

the art of art.

Tonight has been spent drawing pretty much, with music on from The Drums to Lonely Island's. I have done two drawings tonight :) one is for Art at school;
i know it looks JUST A BIT odd, but I honestly took forever to do the wires as hair.

The other drawing is for my friend/her mum and her family, sort of thing. It was originally meant to be for Christmas.. buuut i am not very organized. I started again as the other one I wasn't pleased of, and I am really enjoying it, I have got past the stage where I don't care when i give it to them - as long as they get it good :) this is only the first part so I think it might be finished by the end of the month. not as good as I thought it would be- but I hope they like it :)

Monday, 24 January 2011

a piece of beauty.

WOW. Just have a look at these adorable headphones from Pull & Bear, with a price of £25.99 I think they are so worth it.
I love music, and i love flowery things. So honestly I need these.
;) I'm joking..

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


And after the storm, i run and run as the rains come. So here we are in the dark, with these arms of rock but hearts of glass. Now we're lost in a lonely town, where every smiling face gets you down.

I love these nights where i sit and write for as long as i can bear.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

You are in desperate need of Chanel.

I forgot how good Devil Wears Prada is. I randomly found it on Channel 4, and I laughed and gawped at the continuous good designer clothes on there, the wardrobe scene where Nigel makes over Andy - O.M.G.
I got kind of annoyed that she didn't like working in a top fashion magazine, but then extremely jealous at the make over she had. damn.
Meryl Streep is just a goddess in this film.

So as I reminisce on a film which I forgot how amazing it is,

enjoy the weekend 

nw xo
Bonjour lecteurs,
today's plan was originally to study. but we took a what turned out to be a good trip to Devizes.
and i popped to New Look :)

A swallow print tee. Also some boots for school,black floral trainers and sweatpants :)
'piece of the month' soon,

Friday, 14 January 2011

you just got to ignite.

open evenings for sixth form were last night, at Sheldon school. I have to say it was pretty impressive. But then again so is John Bentley, and i don't know what to do :/ 

'stop giving me choices.'

Thank you The Hoosiers, spot on.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I got my own step.

Lovely music at the moment;
 Coldplay, Hard Fi- Tonight, Fort Minor- Remember The Name, Everytime You Go- Ellie Goulding.
do love my tunes, and these seem to be stuck in my head right now.
12 days until Gossip Girl !

Friday, 7 January 2011

come on then Vodafone ;)

Official Vodafone Hater now..

weekends are my best friend.

The weekend gives me a big hug, yes it is Friday and finally i can retire from all that 'FUTURE, A LEVEL, 6THF!' nonsense.
well not nonsense, but it does get on your nerves.
i know what i want to do clearly, i just need to actually start finding out about my choices.
which i think might be; English,History,German..
and it WAS going to be psychology, but then my English teacher suggested photography for journalism as it is an extra skill and very useful. to be honest i was thinking of doing art anyway as i currently do it now, and i adore it. so i am all happy with that.
which reminds me - art homework. damn.
best be off then, goodbye school ! for two days.
and those two days i shall spend with these amazing girls, having fun with drinking games ;)

limitless wanderings.

So lovely Jack Wills has bought us new stuff !
Whilst browsing i noticed a couple of things which were VERY cute;

there is not much out yet, but hopefully there will be soon as the sale ends on the 12th. As always Wills is unbelievably expensive, and the cushion is around £50, the tee £34.
but i did manage to scrape and get a t shirt, pen, and highlighter :')

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

this is bigger than us.

bit of photography, in which i was really bored ;)
Ralph .

Memoirs .

ooft luv for the converse .

i hope karma slaps you in teh face before i do .

Song i am so into right now?
Bigger Than Us by White Lies.
medicine to my ears, notgoingtolie.

Monday, 3 January 2011

long nights.

back in time .

well back to school Wednesday, 
back to exams and results, FML.
ahh today was amazing, had a small history session where we actually got a lot done ,despite continuously hacking peoples social networks and a Google Translator convo, so it doesn't worry me anymore :)
plans for tomorrow are hopefully seeing people, and Art and German.
and i heard that this weekend will be great, if it goes ahead, and i might meet up with someone too.
So school Wednesday - watch me panic and fall apart !


Saturday, 1 January 2011


so it the first day of 2011, wow.
it doesn't feel different but something tells me that I have and will change.
I'm not going to have a resolution, they never last long anyway,
But i think i will be more focused in school, and get where I want to be, and spend time with  people, you know mingle a bit.
Get a date for prom.
&start saving for a Tiffany&co. necklace for prom :')
Also get started in life by getting a job and experience at a newspaper somewhere out of Wiltshire.
Then saving money for the scary future.
2011 will be good, whatever happens I'm stronger and more less of a pushover.

One more thing; gotta stop eating these chocolate coins.. thanks mother but can't i have real money ? ;)