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I am a typical blonde however I do love to write and cough up my creativity onto lined paper as a story, in the future I would like to be either a journalist or author, but hey who knows. But it is a vision I am fiercely chasing, for the moment this blog is a mix of a 16/17 year olds life- fashion, music,and other nonsense. Likeable things :) Records, Ticking clocks, nerdy things, torchwood, West Ends, Potter, and Converse, music, pendants, summer dresses and hair bows, blonde hair in a messy bun, art, guitar, LUSH, topshop,Fern, jack wills, Bath the city, tea with sugar please, exercise, SWIMMING is a passion, reading, candles, watermelon, ipod, perfumes, nina ricci, the wolfpack, AlexKatieTheaRoisinRhiannon, & humming along to unknown tunes.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

So today I started a Lookbook :') Just to see what I wear and how awful I look on some days! Might put it up but then who knows,

Results day in 3 days, rumoured to be a thunder storm too? So.. that will be where my results are.. on the path soaked ;) 

Also my hair has grown, is it weird that I am measuring it?... 
You need to understand how much I want it long.
It is waaaay past shoulders now :D

Just realised I said I would do more meaningful post.. this one isn't, but there will be some! Like maybe the lookbook.. hmm.

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