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Friday, 22 July 2011

Clairol Review

This is sort of a review I suppose :)
I have been wanting more blonder hair for a while now, this is what it was like before- a sort or blonde but mousy colour (not a good picture)

But what was originally going to be high-lights has basically dyed my whole hair, I used Clairol Born Blonde Highlights which was around £6.

I liked it because it was a good price, and the instructions were so clear and you could do it two ways, by foil or by hat. I have to say the mixture did stink, it was not nice, and the hat made me look like a vintage bathing swimmer, but despite the smell the actual process only took 20 minutes for me as my hair was already quite blonde, so it was quick too.
I like how the hat had holes in so you could pull strands out, that was clever. The pack came with everything and was a really good price for £6, it has some really nice conditioning creme to use after the highlights had been left and I can honestly say that my hair was the softest it has ever been.
It had a dramatic effect...

I know I look scary...

So it has come out blonder! :) I liked the Clairol and to be honest it was my first time using their product, it turned out pretty good I think, it sort of looks natural in real life and today was not the best hair day. I think it is permanent.. it doesn't say on the box which is a bit wrong but I'm growing to it, a new me :)
All I need it for it to grooow!

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  1. Just bought this and found your review via google images! Yours came out lovely! Still a little scared hair dyes are so unpredictable! x
    Ps will be hosting a giveaway on my blog within the next week or so, hint - galaxy print! So keep an eye out if youre interested!