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Monday, 27 December 2010

a stocking full of january sales.

Some Christmas presents: jewelry, books, step up CD &DVD, Eclipse, Take That Progress CD, snood, bath set, Lil' Lush Pud from LUSH, Topshop Mascara, slippers, purse, No7 make up,Smallville 1,2&3, twilight Tshirt :)
just some.
This year we didn't get stockings, which was a strange feeling waking up to no big sock on the bed, but the parents said that we would go shopping as an alternative sort of, so today we headed off to the war of the January sales.
Topshop, and Primark were vicious, i had to literally bite to get to the sale - but it was worth it ;)
Lush smelt of cramped bodies together, i got my foot trod on for a Snow Fairy set half price -_- & Next was a mess.
but you know what?
i got some damn good deals
and lots of things! :)
so here's my stocking this year :) thank you parents ! (did try to do a video but it wouldn't upload)

Snow Fairy Set with soap,bath bar and shower gel £4.95

Next 'Charmed' perfume and moisturiser £3.00

Fringe Hairbrush £1.00 Primark

Soap&Glory Dark Eye Concealer £4.50

Celia Birkwell Phone Case £3.00

Rose Hair Grips Accessorize £2.00

Nautical Hair Grips Accessorize £3.00

Retro Telephone Necklace Accessorize £7.00

Hearts & Stripes jumper Primark £7.00

Grey Heart Knee Socks Primark £2.50

Tifty Vest Primark £4.00

Rose PJ bottoms Primark £7.00

Blue & Pink flowery skirt Primark £3.00

Tifty Tshirt Topshop £10.00

Brandon Flowers CD hmv £5.00

pattern on knee socks

pattern on topshop tshirt

I was thinking of doing an item of the month? sounds clique but every month i would pick a piece of clothing or perfume make up etc and say why i chose it :)
if you like this idea please do it too ! say in your next post ;) 
sorry about length of post !


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