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Thursday, 16 December 2010

all around me are familiar faces.

hmm, rather random post tbh but it is late, but after spending an hour writing plans for books (which i will someday write), i feel the need to post before Misifts :)
so i was looking through my camera today for no reason and I found some photos i forgot to put up,

so there are certain items that i desire; & will eventually get .. some day. 

these are

Nina by Nina Ricci - coincidence that she has the same name? she is one of my favourite designers ^__^. i have Ricci Ricci and Les Belles de Ricci, but not this one which is named after my name :) i THINK cheapest can be £30?

bit small but this ADORABLE dress from Jack Wills Outlet is my spot on :) i love flowery things and this at £24? possibility.

Love these :) Hollister leggings for £12, i love the logo on the ankle and they look really thick and comfy :) & Topshop mascara which i have lusted since September- maybe someday. Apparently it suits my lashes but i love it as the brush is really nice and it's not to gooey ( not that i have spent too long with it in store..)

so yes if i hadn't already done my Christmas list, that would be it .
i shall save up and get these someday.
PS. this desired list was conjured by looking through my camera :)

One other thing; Roisin and I went for a dog walk and these are our dogs !
mine is the big black one Collie/red setter and Roisin's the white scotttie :) 

yes we look bad here, but it was cold.. and muddy.
gooood walk though :)

so late blog but what can i say, i need stuff to do rather than sit around.

9 days for Christmas
& 3 days for Egypt!


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  1. ohhhhh ho ho, you're evil! ;)

    i look like i have a bald patch on my head, my goddamn fringe never goes how i want it. pahaaaaa.

    hope you got all that for x-mass :) i know i'm having a lovely day, i adore your presents and i want to see you soooons. <3