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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Here is the thing, this is a vexed post because I am.

For some people dealing with stuff in life is hard, actually no for EVERYONE dealing with certain things in life are hard, upsetting and even unbearable.

So when some people think that they are THE worst off and complain all the time about how they have the worst life and look at everyone else's, it is damn unacceptable.

Yes you have problems and you share them with people, people may even feel sorry for themselves.

But seriously sometimes I just feel like screaming to them 'OH WAIT I HAVE PROBLEMS TOO!'
Yes there are others who will get through their problems and listen to these people who moan about theirs, but inside they are dealing with things that eat them up, and they have heavy hearts too.

I feel like just gathering these certain beings up and taking them to Africa.

Then we will see who can 'struggle on' and who can't.

This is not about anyone in particular or whatever, it is not a bitchy post or anything.  I just get so so so annoyed by this, we all have problems mighty big or just little ones. Do not judge and say 'you are the worst off' because you sure as hell are not. Just look around, everyone hides behind a mask.
Wow, ok rant over.

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