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Monday, 21 February 2011

if it smells good, it has got to be one of those Yankees.

No I do not mean Americans, no offense and I'm sure they smell fine, but I am talking about Yankee Candles. It is half term and I happened to purchase some today to keep my room smelling good, and I thought i would do a review; why not?
So in our house we have a couple of stashes somewhere, and that is mainly why I have so many, these are the ones in my room:

Yankee Candles are just so amazing, and seen as I haven't done a blog in quite a while, I want to show you my favourites :)

not in order as that would be impossible for me.
But the first ones are the tart candles;

Sage&Citrus- tangy and refreshing

Evening Primrose- late afternoons in the garden

Island Spa- a runaway resort

As these are tart candles they burn strongly, I think they are all very spring/summer and smell simply 'WOW'.

I also have 3 small jars (which to be honest are quite big-ish.)
Cranberry Chutney- with a good book and a chair.

White Chocolate & Mint- luxury sleep
I have to say Cranberry Chutney is really good, but as I love white chocolate; it is the one I use most even though the smell is thick and not every one's taste. But so good for winter and cold nights.

Today I got treated to a Vanilla Cupcake tart, I can not get enough of this smell, it is like when you open the oven to freshly baked cakes and you get that dreamy whiff. Adorable. 
Also I really was looking for a summer candle to burn at weekends and I found it. It is Mango Peach Salsa and it smells so so so good, like fruit salad my friend has but with a stronger juicy smell, LOOVE!

The last thing I brought wasn't YC, but I think it is pretty damn cute :)
A lovely tea light holder as a tea cup. Tea AND candles?! YES PLEASE.
Overall Yankee Candles are long -lasting, worthy and damn good to smell. Take a deep breath Ladies and Gentlemen, because Yankee's are sure to suit anyones scent.

Sorry about the length of the post
See you around, unless I am too busy smelling these beauts'

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